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As a market leader BDC are Australia’s Leading Retail Property Partners

bdc retail property partners


As Australia’s leading retail property partners, BDC specialises in retail property services, business advisory and strategies and our team of experts offer a wealth of landlord and retailer experience

Representing over 60 brands and holding key partnerships with all of Australia’s major landlords including Westfield, Stockland, Vicinity, Lendlease, GPT, Mirvac and Dexus. Our relationships with key personnel within major shopping centre groups is unrivalled, as well as our access to multiple national leasing databases (with over 8,000 key leasing and property contacts to promote our clients’ businesses).

With consultants based out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, our specialised retail property services team are able to advise clients on all aspects of property and business optimization. From small scale domestic transactions to large international deals, BDC manages national and international growth strategies and retail property management for a variety of businesses.

bdc retail property partners

as your property partner

We manage every aspect of your entire Retail Property Portfolio

We represent over 60 international and local brands and are conveniently located Australia wide and New Zealand.

We have a proven track record of delivering compelling results

We employ unique ‘Hawkeye’ technology

We are partnered with Australia’s top landlords and shopping centre groups

We provide comprenhesive, state-of the-art retail property services

We advise on portfolio consolidation, abatement applications and reductions on lease renewals

We have access to multiple leasing databases with over 8000 key property contact

We advise clients on all aspects of property and business optimisation

We manage national and international growth strategies and retail portfolios in all major retail sectors

bdc property partners

how we’ve helped our retail partners thrive

case study 1.


The Client
Grew store network to 145 stores.

The Challenge
Average 23% occupancy cost across all stores.

The Solution
BDC conducted a complete portfolio review and immediately negotiated the closure of 16 stores (10 mid-term and 6 at lease expiry) at zero exit cost to the lessee. Over the following 3 years BDC implemented a growth strategy and grew the network to 68 stores across Australia. The client achieved an average occupancy cost of 18% with all stores contributing to head office profitability.

case study 2.

retail general goods

The Client
National retail chain of 53 company stores.

The Challenge
Average occupancy cost at 26%.

The Solution
BDC negotiated 15 store closures (12 mid-term and 3 lease expiry) at zero exit costs to lessee. The client achieved between 15-30% gross rental reductions for additional 28 stores on existing mid-term leases with no penalties or surrender fees. BDC returned the chain to profitability and reduced average occupancy costs from 26% to 17%

case study 3.


The Client
Two branded pharmacies with mid-term leases in place and 4 years left to run.

Location A
Annual Rental $892,000 gross p.a.

Location B
Annual Rental $650,000 gross p.a.

The Challenge
Occupancy costs crippling profitability

The Solution
BDC negotiated rental reductions of $142,000 p.a. and $150,000 p.a.
respectively. New 7 year leases for each pharmacy were also negotiated. A net saving (excluding escalations) of >$2.0 million over the lease term were achieved.

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what our retail partners are saying

"Our business requires speed and efficiency in terms of retail real estate. Our store development process is quite complex and this creates some challenges in terms of finding new sites, negotiating leases and ensuring stores are ready for opening in time. In that process Rebecca is a great partner as she understands the specifics of our business and works closely with us to achieve our goals. Rebecca Piggins works in a great partnership with me. She is always open to have a catch up and pick up immediately all agreed actions. The whole experience working with Rebecca has been fantastic."
Louis Milutinovic
Real Estate and Store Development Manager
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